Young children can struggle with understanding and managing their thoughts and feelings, particularly when they might not have the words to articulate them. Therapy can help a child make sense of sad, angry, painful or confusing thoughts and feelings that they might not be aware of, but that might be outwardly presenting in their changed behaviour or mood, for example after a bereavement. When working with a child, in order to support them in making sense of what they are experiencing, feel less distressed and become more self-aware and confident, I will enter their world through methods and activities which are meaningful to them, using interventions from sand tray, puppets, clay and painting to talking writing and music.

Young people

Adolescence is a crucial time of developmental transition, characterised by exploration, risk-taking and social interaction, making it both a unique time of challenge but also an opportunity for positive growth and development. Therapy can help young people navigate challenges, manage life stressors and adjust to major changes. The support of a therapist can help them understand themselves better, express themselves, make better decisions and live emotionally balanced lives. All young people can benefit from therapy, not just those that might be experiencing mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Having a confidential space to explore their thoughts and feelings can help them to learn and strengthen vital skills such as emotion regulation, communication, empathy, self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem.


As an adult we can be faced with unexpected challenges. These may be as a result of issues in the present, such as a bereavement or problems at work or within a relationship, or from historical difficulties such as an early traumatic experience that has now surfaced or that we no longer feel able to manage. We may feel stuck, anxious, depressed or be struggling with low self esteem or confidence. Feelings triggered can be overwhelming and make it difficult to move forward making it hard to engage in life or find joy in the things and people we once did. I have never met a person whose presenting problem hasn't been traceable or made sense and believe that through the awareness gained by exploring the thoughts, feelings and behaviours associated with it, we hold the potential to make our future what we want.